Tony “Papa” Siemer

Anthony “Papa Tony” Siemer has designed and inked tattoos for over 15 years and has a loyal following from around the country who come back to the Dayton area just to receive his expert skills. Many tattoo artists in the area started as apprentices under Tony’s guidance. Tony had his own shop in Yellow Springs from the mid 1990s-early 2000s and spent seven years at Smart Bomb (previously New Breed) in North Dayton before opening his own shop.

Tony is known for his ability to catch the vision of what his customers want and to transform that vision into beautiful skin art. His portraits are true to the original picture. He also has the rare talent to transform an undesirable tattoo one may have gotten somewhere else into a design to be proudly displayed.

Tony appreciates military personnel and offers a 10% discount to anyone currently serving or retired from the armed forces.

Tony offers a 10% discount on work over $50.00 to college students on Tuesdays.

Tony uses strict hygienic measures and the latest equipment.

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